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Welcome to the Lunar Research Institute
The Lunar Research Institute is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation devoted to the exploration and utilization of the Moon for the benefit of Humankind. LRI's experienced scientific staff and its Board of Directors are dedicated to the continued exploration of our nearest neighbor, the Moon. LRI had its beginnings with the innovative mission, Lunar Prospector, which produced by far the most in-depth scientific data of the Moon to date. The Lunar Prospector story is chronicled in a book entitled "Lunar Prospector: Against All Odds", available here.

Given the importance of the Moon for the future of humanity, LRI has planned a program to send numerous unmanned spacecraft to the Moon to further the work started by the Apollo program and continued by Lunar Prospector. LRI's penultimate goal is the return of humans to the Moon to establish a permanent lunar base from which to carry out scientific and commercial activities. LRI's ultimate goal is the establishment of the first extraterrestrial lunar colony. LRI’s activities are an integral part of President Bush’s new Lunar/Mars exploration initiative. Education is an integral part of LRI's mission and LRI supports lunar education at all academic levels.

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