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Support the Lunar Research Institute and Lunar Science!
As well documented in Dr. Binder's book, Lunar Prospector: Against All Odds, NASA abandoned the Moon after the end of Apollo and has done little to promote Lunar Research over the past several decades. However, President Bush’s new Lunar/Mars initiative has opened the door to a new era of Lunar activities. One of the purposes of the Lunar Prospector Mission and the main purpose of the Lunar Research Institute is to continue the exploration of the Moon, both for scientific purposes as well as for it's future utilization for the benefit of mankind. As proven by the success of the Lunar Prospector Mission, both Dr. Binder and the Lunar Research Institute are more than capable of filling the gap left by NASA.

However, as a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, LRI depends solely on the direct philanthropic support of interested individuals and corporations in order to pursue the continued exploration of the Moon. Thus, LRI NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! Your generous support is needed and greatly appreciated! The funding is solely used for the analysis and interpretation of lunar data from the Apollo Missions, Lunar Prospector and all future lunar exploration activities and to define and to gain support for the future LRI lunar exploration missions.

LRI's activities depend on public and corporate donations. We are confident that you find our efforts to keep the USA’s preeminence in lunar exploration and utilization worthy of your support.

To contribute to the Lunar Research Institute Endowment send your tax-exempt contribution payable to "The Lunar Research Institute Endowment", and send it to:

Lunar Research Institute
7823 South Catrina Place
Tucson, Arizona 85747

If would like to get a more in-depth understanding of the ways in which your support will benefit lunar exploration, please contact the Institute Director:

Dr. Alan Binder:
By Phone: (520)-647-7681
By email at abrbprospector@earthlink.net

Along with any donation over $200.00 U.S. dollars, please send personal information and a receipt will be returned to you for tax purposes.