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Moonquake is a factual, science fiction story about the first moon base established by NASA in an effort to save the agency, after a third Shuttle disaster.

The core of the story is about the disastrous effects of a major moonquake on the first moon base and the survival of a crew of eight for 18 days until they are rescued. Very large, long lasting moonquakes do occur, albeit infrequently, but in the story, NASA ignored safeguards for such a likelihood, so the first crew must struggle for their lives.

Although Moon Quake was written to entertain and educate, readers will come away with an appreciation of both the Moon’s beauty and the potential of its resources to benefit humanity.

Moon Quake is based on real lunar science and engineering. The crew, mission and moon base could be realized with current hardware, capability and knowledge. Thus, though fiction, this story could happen as written.

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