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Lunar Prospector: Against All Odds
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The book that Dr. Binder wrote for the public at large, Lunar Prospector: Against All Odds is the story of the lunar orbit mapping mission that he developed and carried out will be soon available.

     As is discussed in the preface given below, the moral purpose of the book is to 1) expose to the America public and taxpayer the incompetence and self-serving activities of the entrenched NASA bureaucracy and the big aerospace companies, which together waste a large fraction of the more than $13 billion that NASA receives from the federal government every year, 2) show to the American public that when missions are properly conceived and managed by a competent person as a commercial venture, the cost of space exploration can be cut by a factor of 10, as Dr. Binder proved with Lunar Prospector.

     The book is Dr. Binderís highly personal account of the triumphs, numerous defeats and setbacks, dirty politics and final success that he endured and enjoyed during the 13 years that it took him to accomplish the mission.

     The book has nearly 1,100 pages of text, and 74 black and white photographs and 27 appendices. Excerpts for the bookís preface and an outline of the book can be read here. (pdf 187kb)

As an enhancement to the book, a photo essay of 84 color illustrations and the 27 Appendices, which are referred to in the text, can be viewed in the Lunar Prospector Photo Gallery.

Dr. Binder hopes that the readers will find his book entertaining as well as informative, as well as giving the reader an insiderís view of the American Space Program and the problems that plague it.

Lunar Prospector: Against All Odds is available directly from KenPress (520/743-3200 or ken@kenpress.com) or, after April, 2005, via Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other book stores.

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