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Building on the success of the Lunar Prospector Mission, Dr. Binder is planning three additional lunar polar orbit mapping missions which will finish the global orbital mapping of the Moon. These missions will:

1) Map the Moon's mineralogy, thermal and microwave radiation, topography, and shallow crustal structure
2) Provide metric mapping and high resolution stereo-imager data on the Moon

The LRI staff will also carryout a series of unmanned Lunar Landing Missions which will:

1) Set up a seismological/heat flow/magnetometer network on the Moon to study Moonquakes, the seismic risk factor, and the properties and thermal budget of the deep interior of the Moon
2) Bring back samples from various areas on the Moon to continue the studies of lunar petrology, chemistry and resources
3) Land rovers on the Moon to verify and map the water ice at the poles and to make gravity, magnetic and composition traverse across major lunar features.

The engineering and construction of the spacecraft needed to conduct these missions will be done by Lunar Exploration Inc., LRI's sister corporation.

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