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The focus of LRI is to promote the exploration of our nearest neighbor, the Moon, in order to establish the Moon as a scientific and commercial base of operation. Therefore, to bring the Moon into humanity’s fold, education and public awareness are an integral part of LRI’s mission.

The scientists of tomorrow have to be inspired by the scientists of today, therefore, LRI provides part-time assistantships with students from the high school through graduate school levels. Students gain hands-on and mentoring experience working with staff and lunar scientists. Please contact LRI to learn more about our assistantship program.

LRI also has a cooperative educational link with Space Explorers, Inc. of De Pere Wisconsin. Space Explorers currently runs the Moonlink program centering on the Lunar Prospector mission and involves students from all 50 states and over 30 countries. Click on the links below to visit the Space Explorers, Inc. site, or to go directly to the Moonlink program.

In addition to our student educational opportunities, LRI has an Outreach Program, headed by Ken Graun, in which members of the staff give talks on the Moon’s exploration, utilization, selenology and colonization. These talks are available for schools (K-12 through university) and the general public in the greater Tucson area, and elsewhere under special circumstances.

Visit Lunar Exploration Inc., LRI's sister corporation.


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