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About the Lunar Research Institute
The Lunar Research Institute (LRI) is an Arizona, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation [501 (c) (3)] dedicated to the exploration and scientific study of the Moon and it resources. LRI was founded in September 1996, and is located at 7823 South Catrina Place, Tucson, Arizona 85747.

The purpose of LRI is to conduct research on the origin, evolution, current state and resources of the Moon. This is done using data gathered by:

1) The Apollo Program
2) The Lunar Prospector Spacecraft
3) The missions conducted by China, India, Japan and NASA since the Lunar Prospector Mission
4) Future lunar exploration missions

The goal of LRI is to gain scientific knowledge about the Moon and technical knowledge, especially about lunar resources and their utilization, which can be used to support the future manned exploration and colonization of the Moon and to expand man's presence to other solar system bodies.
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